Internal progressions – celebrating six more success stories

Internal progressions – celebrating six more success stories

Hot off the back of six internal progressions in December last year, we’re proud to congratulate a further six internal progressions over the past month. Congratulations to (left to right) Joshua Murphy, Hinnah Nasir, Halima Mohamed, Daniel Morrison (not pictured) Taghrid Al Hariry and Sultan Hanif who have all progressed within our in-house contact centre to new positions.

Each progression builds on our colleagues existing skills which have been carefully honed since joining Blume, whilst also ensuring the correct support is offered to help them flourish in their new positions.

Joshua Murphy has accepted the role of Assistant Team Leader. After having been at the business only a short four months, Josh has gone from strength to strength. Josh worked hard to learn the role and his skills and eagerness were quickly recognised, which led to further training in medical negligence. Josh is always keen to learn more and better himself in the role, sharing those best practices with the rest of his team and helping them grow together.

Hinnah Nasir has stepped into her new position as Operations Analyst. Hinnah will maintain close collaboration with the department while taking on the vital responsibility of data reporting. This role will empower her to provide insights for informed decision-making, thereby contributing to the enhancement of our operations. Hinnah being the only person I know to get excited by excel, I’m confident she’ll leverage her skills to drive the contact centre forward.

Halima Mohamed has also stepped into a new position as Assistant Team Leader. Since Joining the business in August last year, Halima has worked hard to ensure that she provides a great customer service on every call, always delivering a strong performance. Halima is keen to take on feedback and learn best practices which she can now share in her new role to ensure the same success within her team.

Since Joining the business in July 2023, Daniel Morrison has demonstrated dedication to the role to ensure his success firstly as Customer Care Expert, which has now led to his promotion to Assistant Team Leader. Dan is keen to learn and has recently taken on a new campaign which he is adapting to with ease, demonstrating his eagerness to learn and better himself with every new challenge.

Despite being an Assistant Team Leader for a short period of time, Taghrid Al-Hariry has exhibited unwavering dedication and consistently delivered strong performances, leading to her new position as Team Leader. Her proactive approach to self-improvement and commitment to the company’s objectives prove her capability to excel in her new role.

Sultan Hanif is a vital member of our contact centre, he has consistently demonstrated excellence and his reliability, loyalty, and willingness to share best practices with the team helped make him shine. After previously progressing to an Assistant Team Leader, Sultan’s personal development and leadership skills have continued to grow, equipping him well to guide his team toward success in his upcoming role as Team Leader.

These progressions come at an exciting period of development for Blume, as we prepare to step into our brand-new office at Egerton House, Towers Didsbury to accommodate our growing number of employees and client demand.