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smarter with Blume

At Blume, we do more than bring new business to your door through digital marketing and data know-how. Our highly-trained customer care experts direct the right customers to your business, qualifying each one to make sure we can help them. Our unique portal, Blume Connect, plugs you into every performance metric, from case data to marketing. And our joined-up thinking connects everything in between. All so you can make smarter decisions, freeing up time, energy and budget.


Using cutting edge marketing techniques


By our dedicated inhouse customer care experts


Standard or with additional medical screening


To one of our panel firms on an even share system


Providing intelligent customer data and analytics

Grow from the insight out

You want fully qualified leads. And you want them sent direct to your business, regularly. So why not let our digital marketing industry experts help you reach active customers?

We amplify every campaign across multiple platforms. Drive customer engagement. And speed up the end result.

Mixing marketing expertise with industry knowledge, we’ll create campaigns that truly reflect the needs of your customers. Maximising the most effective digital channels for the biggest impact.

When it comes to campaign performance, we use cutting-edge tech to gather insight. Pinpoint the right strategy. And drive smarter decision-making. No wonder our consumer sites have appeared in unpaid search results more than 15 million times.

Grow from the insight out
Grow from the insight out

Highly-trained. Highly trusted.

Want better-qualified new customers? Equipped with the latest technology, our Customer Care Hub will actively follow up every enquiry. Letting you grow faster and smarter than ever before.

Expertly trained in handling complex, sensitive situations, our team will handle all those difficult, distressing conversations. Empathetic and confident, they’ll make sure every new customer is pre-qualified and nurtured.

In fact, we’ve helped nearly 200,000 people through stressful and emotional times. We’ve also spent over 10,000 hours training our Customer Care Experts in managing difficult situations and qualifying new customers in a robust, tactful way. Putting you and your customers in the very best hands.

Highly-trained. Highly trusted..
Highly-trained. Highly trusted..

All your data. All in one place. 

Get complete visibility over every customer, prospect and conversion metric. Our next-gen portal, Blume Connect gives you full control over every enquiry with a customisable data dashboard.

Providing intelligent data that improves customer acquisition, it’s the smartest way to grow more efficiently.

With a clear picture of business performance on any given date, you can see where you’re doing best. Meaning there’s no need to dig deep into the numbers. Instead, you can focus your energy where it counts.

All your data. All in one place. 

Tech‑driven. People‑centred.

We may be making waves with our cutting-edge technology, but our people are the ones finding clever new ways for your business to grow.

Our teams work together across the entire customer journey. They’ll put the word out through digital marketing channels. Carry out robust risk and compliance. Have those difficult first conversations with customers. And help you analyse the final results. All for a more seamless, joined-up experience.

Market intelligence, magnified.

Data is only powerful when seen in context. So we’ll give you a holistic view of the technology trends, challenges and perspectives most relevant to your business. That way, you’ll have the big-picture insight to go with the small-detail facts. Because with the right data to hand, you can make smarter decisions that will speed up business gains.