Staff Spotlight: Beth Davies

Staff Spotlight: Beth Davies

Many of you will already be familiar with Beth, one of our longest-serving employees here at Blume and a great example of a Blume success story.

After achieving her law degree, Beth started out in our customer care hub as a Senior Adviser. Through a combination of hard work, commitment and eagerness to constantly learn, she has progressed to her current position of Client Relationship Specialist.

We sat down with her recently to find out more about her career success, as well as her upcoming wedding and passion for theatre.

What is your role at Blume?

I work as Client Relationship Specialist which sits within the business development team.

How did you get into your role?

I joined Blume in 2019 as a Senior Advisor in the Customer Care Hub and went on to secure a promotion to Team Leader within six months. This is when I began liaising further with panel firms and delving into the business-to-business side of the company, which I really enjoyed. This led to me applying for a role in the business development team where my position sits today!

What does your average day look like/main responsibilities?

My role is varied, with the main focus being account management, which is essentially managing and nurturing relationships with our panel firms and cross referrals into group companies. This includes conducting regular review meetings, the delivery of management information, managing the relationships between clients and our group of contact centres, advising on best practice, and dealing with any queries or concerns.

Onboarding panel firms and the development of bespoke onboarding plans is a key priority, and to complement this, I also provide a range of value-added ‘consultancy services’ to clients where required.

What’s your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement to date was attending my first conference in 2022 post-Covid. After two years of remote-only demos/review meetings, it was a step out of my comfort zones to meet everyone face-to-face for the first time, but I loved it and have attended numerous events, conferences, and face-to-face meetings since!

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

At the theatre, mostly! I love musicals and try to see as many as I can, either locally, or in the West End – I’ve not got an official figure on how many I’ve seen but it is in the hundreds! I’ve also recently started attending the gym and working out regularly in a bid to improve my fitness before my wedding next year.

Is there anything else you feel we should know about you?

I graduated with a Law Degree in 2015 and prior to my time at Blume I worked in two different solicitor firms for approximately four years, which taught me valuable experience that I still use today.