Staff Spotlight: Ronan Phillips

Staff Spotlight: Ronan Phillips

Our latest staff spotlight is a particularly ‘spellbinding’ one as we catch up with Customer Care Expert and charismatic office magician, Ronan Phillips!

Ronan spoke with us about how he was introduced to his role here at Blume, his recent performances, and how he’s currently learning to juggle fire.

What is your role at Blume?

My position at Blume is Customer Care Expert, as well as the office magician!

What does your average day look like/main responsibilities?

My typical day at Blume usually involves speaking to clients who may have been injured and need help and support. It’s not always the easiest to deal with some of the tougher cases, but I find it really rewarding as I feel I am really making a difference. Plus, the snacks and team camaraderie get me through.

It’s my responsibility to make sure that prospective clients are aware of the overall process and what to expect, and it’s essential that I get as much information as possible from the outset so callers don’t have to repeat themselves further down the line.

How did you get into your role?

It all started after I had stopped working as a covering supervisor at a variety of schools around Manchester. While looking for a new job, a friend of mine recommended Blume, saying how much he enjoyed working here.

I thought it was only right that I gave it a go, so he referred me through and I’m glad to say he was spot on!

Where are we most like to find you outside of work?

You can find me out and about performing magic in bars across Manchester, as well as featuring in different theatre productions.

Most recently I performed as ‘Frank’ in an original musical called ‘Frank the Musical’ which was loosely based on ‘Frankenstein’ and the first time I had to properly sing in a role.

When I’m not performing, my favourite place to grab some food in Manchester is ‘Indian Tiffin Room’ which is well worth checking out!

Is there anything else you feel we should know about you?

Only that I’m currently learning to juggle fire!

I think this could be a great skill to accompany my magic routine, but in the meantime make sure to steer clear…