Supporting young talent: Promising young boxer Niall Brown

Supporting young talent: Promising young boxer Niall Brown

With an impressive 7-0 record and a world title undercard on the horizon in March, we caught up with Stockport-based professional boxer Niall Brown to talk about his boxing successes, what motivates him, and his ongoing relationship with Blume.

Formerly a Muay Thai fighter, Niall met Blume’s CEO, Dez Derry, through a shared love of combat sports at MSA Academy in Stockport back in 2016, where Niall continues to train Dez on a one-to-one basis.

Dez, who experienced a hard start in life, is a great advocate of tapping into and supporting young talent. He quickly recognized Niall’s ability, skills and aptitude, and decided to support the rising star as part of a sponsorship package with Blume.

Niall holds a Thai Boxing record of 18 fights – 15 Wins, 2 Losses, 1 Draw. He has fought on the biggest promotions in England and won several belts in Muay Thai including becoming the ISKA British Champion. At his last fight in Thai Boxing, Niall officially ranked as the UK Number One, beating his opponent who held that ranking for several years.

Transitioning to boxing to provide for his family and achieve greater success, Niall had his first professional boxing fight in July 2021. He fought at a sold-out Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on Black Flash Promotions, beating his opponent via 2nd round knockout.

Niall also visited Abu Dhabi last year, with one of his stable partners, Zelfa Barrett to help assist and prepare Zelfa for his world title, which he pins as a powerful learning experience and a career highlight.

The boxer says “I’ve been very fortunate to train under fantastic teachers. Firstly, Grand Master Sken and now my boxing coach Pat Barrett (Former European Champion). The gym I have moved to, Collyhurst & Moston ABC has a great vibe, a fantastic stable of incredible fighters and we all push each other to be the best we can be.”

Niall has been extremely complimentary about his relationship with Dez and Blume, he adds: “Dez is really cool and hugely supportive; whenever I’ve needed anything in the past, whether that’s new gear or other help via the sponsorship, Blume and Dez has always been there for me.”

Blume is very proud to have been involved in Niall’s journey as he prepares for his next fight, where he’ll be an undercard of a world title fight, which will be broadcast live on Channel 5 for the country to see.

We also asked Niall about his transition away from Muay Thai, towards boxing and he was extremely candid with his response: “I want to be able to support my family, and the money is better in boxing. If I’m being hit, I want to be paid well for it!”

With Niall’s discipline and determination, we don’t think that will be a struggle.