Staff Spotlight: Luke Richards

Staff Spotlight: Luke Richards

Luke is one of our busier members of staff, balancing his role as one of our Customer Care Experts alongside a busy acting career. You may have seen him on our TV screens in estate agent Strike’s advert ‘expressing his feeling of freedom via dance’.

Here, Luke gives us an insight into some of the exciting things he gets up to both in and outside of Blume.

What is your role at Blume? 

I am one of the Customer Care Experts at Blume.

What does your average day look like/main responsibilities? 

Lots of coffee and water (laughs). But in all seriousness, my role requires me to speak with clients who have had serious injuries, be it work or a public place and see if we can assist in providing them the best service and solicitors. There are difficult cases that you have to deal with in the role, but all you can do is provide the best service possible and help to make the process easy.

How did you get into your role? 

I had recently got out of a toxic situation and was seeking a change. I have previous experience in hospitality and customer service so when I saw the available job role and applied. The environment within the office was both relaxing but hardworking as well. The staff were welcoming and supportive as well so from there it felt right.

What is the favourite project or role you’ve ever worked on?

I played Father Christmas in an outdoor Pantomime show during December 2020. The stage was built outside a large green space and families would drive into the space and tune their radios to our radio frequency so they could hear us perform. It was a rewarding experience to bring some joy to families during the height of the pandemic and to work with an amazing team.

Where are we most like to find you outside of work?

Being a working actor outside the office, you’ll probably see me here, there, and everywhere as the Beatles would to say. Be it performing at Bierkeller as part of the ‘Stompin Steiner’s’ or on the commercial for ‘Strike’. But outside of that world I enjoy going to events around Manchester as well as hiking somewhere out in the hills.

Is there anything else you feel we should know about you?

I’m currently learning British sign language as well as reprising my role of Santa Claus for a Christmas event in Buxton for children from the Ukraine and families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis to meet Father Christmas.